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The will to obtain a “healthy and natural product”, the clayey nature of the soil and the process by which the weather has become more and more extreme in the past few years, which has caused, for some time, the reduction of working periods because of the soil being unusable, have led the company to use specifications allowing the usage of synthesis molecules and apply, in an even stricter way, biodynamic methods. The choice of the latest method, traditional and alternative at the same time, and the latest vinifications, have shown that our choices have proved functional to the needs of the vineyard and the wine produced.


The usage of organic products such as Fladen and Cornoletame has, in two years, rebuilt the typical structure of medium type soils. The increase of green manure essence range, graminaceous, cruciferous and classic leguminous plants have made the soil stronger and have regenerated it at the same time.
The wine-cellar activities are also planned according to the seasonal changes imposed by nature; the results we have achieved confirm the effectiveness of our choice.


We are well aware, both in the vineyard and in the olive grove, of the difference between a mechanistic and holistic approach.
We consider the soil system as a real organism which needs all its organs to be well maintained and balanced in order to work well.
We do not fertilize vineyards but we do fertilize the soil, very differently from the mechanistic conception which does not fertilize the soil but the plants.
We respect the plant and we tend to limit winter pruning only to precise moments of the year in order to help fructification.
Defence is made by copper salts, sulphur and/or products containing active principles derived from completely natural substances allowed on the organic methodology specifications.